The Bottom’s Toolbox: Do’s & Don’ts

Life is filled with do’s and don’ts. There are right and wrong ways of doing almost everything, for example, when obtaining the job of your dreams, you’d never show up to a job interview wearing jeans and a t-shirt or submit a resume flooded with grammatical errors. If you did that, you’d never get the job. Smiling all the time and knowing some history about the organization is surely the “right thing to do” that would help you obtain the job.

Of course, when it comes down to bottoming there are DEFINITELY right and wrong ways to optimize your sexual experience as a bottom while also being as safe as possible. Are you new to the bottoming world? Made some smelly accidents in the past that have internally scared you for your life? Don’t worry, by the end of this article I’ll have you in tip-top bottoming shape!


Do Use Lubrication

Don’t underestimate the power of what lubrication. Luckily our bodies are constantly producing our own source of lube which is a gooey substance called the mucous membrane lining ( Mucosa)  that lubricates and protects the surface of our internal organs. Sometimes the protective layer isn’t enough to compensate for the intense intercourse, which could lead to a rough bottoming experience – I’m talking sandpaper rough if you know what I mean.

Implementing more lube into your sex life allows the process of bottoming much easier, durable, and fun!

It is also important to pay attention to the types lubrication that currently exists. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, using silicone and oil-based lubrication mixed with the lubrication that is packaged onto condoms could cause irritation and a burning feeling to the skin.

Regardless, there is no such thing as “overdoing it” when it comes to using lube. Your pink parts will thank you.

Do Be Aware Of Anal Numbing Cream

Anal numbing creams are chemically induced lubrications that magically stuns the anal canal, temporarily blocking nerve endings so that the “pain” that comes from being penetrated is much more manageable by the bottoming partner. ( It sounds a lot more painful the way I wrote it.)

The ingredient responsible for the numbing sensation is called benzocaine, a substance created in the 19th century that is found in some medicines like throat lozenges and sunburn sprays.

Although this cream allows you to be plowed into the next dimension without feeling most of the pain, there are still major factors you should be aware of before stuffing yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey with numbing cream.

  1. You run the risk of your insertive partner’s penis being numbed in the process, thus losing his boner. Yikes! now what?
  2. Numbing creams can hinder your ability to recognize rips or tears around the anal cavity.  Imagine all the adrenaline running through your body infused with the numbness of the cream? God forbid you drank alcohol or smoked marijuana, you wouldn’t feel a thing!
  3. Depending on the reaction your body has to the cream, you could lose just as much pleasure as you do pain. Physically, sex is all about contact and touching, right? Well, you can kiss that goodbye because anal creams could put an end to all of that touchy-feely stuff.
  4. Oral sex could also be difficult. The numbing effects that happen inside the anus will still apply if that cream were to accidentally slide its way into your mouth during a blowjob.

Do Use Barriers

As a person who enjoys bottoming you should know that a barrier is your best friend. I’m not against unprotective sex, but nobody can argue that having a shield or barrier defending you from infections isn’t a great relief to have in your conscious mind.  Not having the burden of worrying about contracting a possible STD from that last night’s sex party does wonder for your mental health. Goodbye anxiety and stress!

A barrier is anything that protects your pink parts ( your mouth, Urethra, anal and vaginal canal.) during sex

Types of barriers :

  • Condoms ( both male and female condoms)
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Dental Dam
  • Lubrication
  • Sh*tty kitty or Unprepared anal canal ( yes, a messy behind is actually a barrier, and yes some people are interested in sh*t play.)
  • Incorporate different sexual behavior into your sex life, switching things up!


Do Add Fiber To Your Diet

Adding more portions of high fiber to your diet can make the world of difference and will make the digestion and preparation process for bottoming much smoother. The worst nightmare of a person who enjoys bottoming is the possibility of serving up a nice hot bowl of “fudge sundae” during sex.

Fiber is the fuel that your colon cells need in order to keep your digestive tract and bowel movements flowing at a normal rate. Fiber also forms the outer layer of your feces which often determines the consistency of how it is processed released from the body.

Types of fiber-based foods:

  • Vegetables ( broccoli, split peas, Brussel sprouts)
  • Fruits( pears, strawberries, bananas)
  • Whole grain cereal
  • Rice & Pasta
  • Pure For Men ( a dieting supplement filled with high-quality fibers that have worked wonders for our receptive partners, making the digestion process 10x’s easier.)



Don’t Eat These At Least A Day Before Sex

Where does this mushy mess even come from? Most of the time it’s from our poor dieting choices. If you really pay attention to what you are consuming, you’ll find that your Chipotle and Wendy’s Baconator that ended up on your partner’s chest is the exact reason why you’re getting kicked out of his house. How dare you serve me an extra thick chocolate milkshake without my permission!

It’s essential that you understand the kinds of foods that are being processed through your body– especially for someone who plans on bottoming, you will need to know what foods are causing a mess in your stomach. Maybe scarfing down some Taco Bell the day before you know you’ll be bottoming isn’t the greatest way to treat your stomach or your partner’s penis. Be gentle to your digestive system

Types of foods to stay away from when bottoming:

  • Any junk/processed food, usually high in sugar, fat, and salt
  • Dairy products especially yogurts and cheese
  • Spicy based foods, these tend to run through your digestive system the quickest. For some reason, our bodies just don’t want to accommodate us for these kinds of food.

Eating in moderation is always the best solution in terms of maintaining your diet. Have an honest conversation with your stomach in order to find a common ground because, for some people, there’s just now way that giving up ice cream and burrito bowls for a great bottoming experience is an option.

Don’t use the solution from an Enema

Saline solution enemas are well known amongst the Queer community, as it is one of the more popular methods of the preparation stage.


We love them. They’re cheap, useful, and easy to use. You know who else cheap, useful, and easy to use?  You– well that’s how fake friends see you at least. An enema sees you no different than your fake friends.

Sure, you may think the enema is doing its job, but in reality, it’s actually deteriorating you from the inside. A Saline solution enema which is commonly bought from any convenience store contains a good portion of salt. Shooting salty water up your hole will ultimately cause dryness which leads to the cracking and bleeding within the pink parts of the anal canal. In a world flooded with STI’s infections, you run a higher risk of contracting HIV/STI ( especially men who have sex with men) if you fall into the pattern of using this cleaning device.

Protect your pink parts!


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