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Millennials, Anxiety & Depression: Featuring James Davis

I may sound biased by saying this, but life as a millennial is driving me crazy.  Just having the title attached to my existence makes life a constant challenge. As a millennial, I can confidently say that the hardest thing about being millennial is the anxiety that is attached to our lifestyle. Anxiety is like the annoying little brother or sister who will never leave you alone while your parents force you to coexist with them. Right now a baby boomer is out there reading this and saying ” Julian stop complaining, life is tough and it’s never fair” or ” Back in my day, we never have cell phones” ( We all know how grandma and grandpa love to brag how original their lifestyles were in the 1950’s)

Hear me out, a combination of student loans, toxic social media & technology obsession, overbearing parents,  and seeking a career in the most competitive era on in our existence is surely enough pressure to allow conditions like anxiety and stress to take over our lives.

Of course, every generation has had to go through their own struggles. Baby boomers had to live through the Great Depression, one of the hugest financial crisis in American history that nearly abolished families and businesses– I couldn’t begin to imagine what kind of financial stress that came with living in that generation.

Here’s the harsh reality, millennials lead as the top generation that deals with mental disorders. Depression, stress, and anxiety are at an all-time high because of the lifestyle we have been guided to live.


Health educator, James Davis, 24,  is one of the millions of millennials who combat disruptive mental disorders. During this interview, James allowed me to observe his past experiences with anxiety that nearly drove him past the point of no return– He also shared how medication supplements have made a huge difference in gaining power over his mental stability.


How old were you when you first experienced anxiety? What was the cause?

” There was a lot of trauma I dealt with that played a role in the development of my anxiety. I believe it began when I was around 10 years old,  at that age I’ve endured the physical abuse between my mom and my dad. Those experiences were the ignition to my trauma and anxiety. I was so young experiencing domestic violence between the people I loved the most. It hurt.”

What were the unsuccessful ways of dealing with your anxiety?

” Whenever my anxiety would appear I would make the mistake of thinking it was perfectly normal and It would just go away on its own. No big deal right? I would repel any thought of anxiety, however, in reality, I was suffering deeply. It never truly went away”

What was the turning point? When did you know you needed to seek assistance?

” I was working a job that I was severely unhappy with. Almost every day at work  I would break down into tears in front of my co-workers. At that point, I was feeling the physical pressure of anxiety and depression– my chest would often tighten up and my heart would pound so hard that I could feel the vibrations throughout my entire body. It was evident that I was having a full-blown anxiety attack without seeking any solutions. Life was not worth living during that time. The turning point occurred after my suicide attempt( I thank God that I’m here to tell the tale), my mother intervened and motivated me to check into a Psychiatric hospital. I was put on a medication regimen that has helped me tremendously. Work became much easier and my confidence began to spike. There are moments I still feel overwhelmed and have to take a few minutes to gather myself, however, it sure beats the hell out of a tightened chest– Instead of suffering and pretending that anxiety doesn’t exist I embrace it more.”

Any advice for millennials who suffer from anxiety and depression?

“DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES!! I cannot stress this enough, I was afraid to do so, and it put me in the hospital. Talk to someone who you can trust (preferably a licensed professional, it’s up to you). You are the one who knows what is right and wrong with your body. Do not base your experiences with mental health off of a friend or family member’s experience because your journey is surely your journey and no one else’s.”


“Stress and anxiety are normal to experience, however, the line is drawn is when it narrates your actions “

There are easy ways to cope with mental disorders ( See my article – 5 Ways To Cope With Depression)

Other ways to cope with depression and anxiety

  • Being active/ working out
  • Social media hiatus
  • Find a job you enjoy
  • Build a support system
  • Practice mindfulness/living in the moment














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