10 Q’s, Identity within the LGBTQ+ Community: Stevie Lindsey

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Stevie Lindsey | Blogger| Podcast Host


1. What does “Pride” Mean to you?

Pride means a power that will never die.

2. Describe your relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, how close are you to it?

I’d like to think my relationship with the LGBTQ+ community has definitely increased over the years. With me being such a vocal personality on social media and being apart of an LGBTQ+ podcast entitled “HIM”. I use both my personality and words of wisdom and some comedy to show the beauty in the community.

3. What’s do you appreciate about being LGBTQ?

I appreciate the fact with so many odds against such a powerful community we continue to make sure we aren’t stopped and show our courage whenever and however WE see fit.

4. What’s the number 1 misconception that grinds your ears about the LGBTQ community? 

That the LGBTQ+ community’s main concern is sex.

5. I quite don’t understand this about our community, but I want to know more?

It comes from what they “think” and less about what they “know”. I think that if people did more of getting to know people they would see that it’s more than just SEX in the community.

6. Describe your coming out process in 3 words or less? 

Best Day Ever.

7. Who was the first out person you met, how did they impact your life? 

My aunt had a gay best friend named Johnny and I have to be honest, he was such an inspiration to me. He was so comfortable with who he was that I just knew that I would be just like that, and my life was gonna be something special.

8.Any advice for those struggling with coming out? 

The main advice I would give is that keep in mind that this is your life to live and the most important part of living is living your truth. So when you feel it in your gut go with and everything else will fall into place.

9 I feel most confident about “……….”

My personality, it’s definitely one of the main things I am super confident about. It’s what makes me who I am.

10 What would you tell your younger gay self?

Hey you, you are beautiful and a superstar on the rise! There are definitely gonna be days in your future where you think you have it under control, baby you don’t. But once you find the love for yourself through the good times and the bad, you will be one of the stronger forces on this planet. Keep being a great son, brother, and friend that you are. By the way, your heart is gonna be tested quite a few times–
just go with the flow.

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