10Q Identity

10 Q’s, Identity within the LGBTQ+ Community: Derrick Cox



Derrick Cox | Activist| Actor| Health Educator


Identity with LGBTQ Community

1. What does Pride mean to you

A time of true freedom for all to be who they are, no matter how they identify, with no worries or judgment.

2. Describe your relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, how close are you to it?

My relationship with my community is almost equal to the relationship I have with myself. I care too much and I see a need to help and never turn a blind eye to something wrong! I am the community, that’s how close I am to it.

3. What’s do you appreciate about being LGBTQ?

While on the road to building my own platform I’ve earned the respect, love, concern, and support from my community and the fact that they trust me and open up to me so easily is what I appreciate most!

4. What’s the number 1 misconception that grinds your ears about the LGBTQ community?

The constant labels we give ourselves. We want to stand as an individual, but also we want to feel included at the same time. So f*cking irritating.

5. I quite don’t understand this about our community, but I want to know more?

I don’t understand why we feel we have to label, identify, name or change anything that already represented and was set in place for our community but I guess I would want to know why? And, please be a better response than the obvious.

6. Describe your coming out process in 3 words or less?

Entertaining, Disappointing & Relief

7. Who was the first out person you met, how did they impact your life?

He was a young feminine fellow like me, he made me feel comfortable about how I acted or presented myself. He impacted my life by assuring me that I was proud to be who I am, our friendship didn’t last as he was murdered by his brother and his brother’s friends. He was only 10.

8. Any advice for those struggling with coming out?

You have your whole life to discover who you are truly going to be, so right now live and make mistakes. Find out who you are not.

9 I feel most confident about “……….”

Being blessed with the ability to not only make anyone comfortable with me but to also possess the skills to help in any way possible!

10 What would you tell your younger gay self?

Life is full of many challenges and you will go through them, however, you will be ok! Know and believe that!

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